Brief introduction

Historically said, since our establishment in 2006 August, we are actively conducting our comprehensive and professional services as below throughout Mongolia up to date. Thereof:

1. Geology- mining consulting service
2. Exploration –hydrogeology –blasting drilling
3. To elaborate any project and feasibility study for further open pit and underground mines
4. To carry out engineering –geological research for soil study respectively.

In addition, our Mintores Company has become as one of the famous and national consulting Companies now equipped with adequate facilities and advanced equipment with the participation and honor contributions of our well -experienced experts and geologist team. They consist of:
- Consulting Engineers of Mongolia -3

- Certified engineers -2
- Geologists -4
- Mining engineer -1
- Geo ecologist -1
- Qualified quantity surveyor -1
- Drilling Master -5
- Drivers and utility workers 2; and totally we have 37 employees now.

As being one of our esteemed goals, we are greatly satisfied our previous work performances which have been successfully operating within the territories of Mongolia up to date. Taking this opportunity, we sincerely hope to co-operate with you as a trustful partner at geology and mining sector in the nearest future.

Professionally consulting

To undertake exploration surveys and also to estimate mineral reserves

Feasibility Study

Geological mapping

Mining operation, sampling, analysis and record of performances

Borehole documentation