Prospecting works for building minerals and raw materials

According to the Law on Mineral Resources with common distribution which was approved, we are professionally conducting the variety exploration surveys for the following types of mineral resources, reserve estimation, mining feasibility study and also plan for mining development works respectively in due time.

  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Building stone
  • Brick earth

Our significant advantages:

  • We are kindly offering our comprehensive services to you in initially exploring mineral resources and also conducting all geological and mining related works respectively.

  • Our skilled team including of Senior Geologist with 40 years` valued experiences in construction geological sector and other mining and civil engineers, who can surely promise an accurate and guaranteed service to you.

  • We can provide you with complex, cost-effective and prompt services due to our Company has equipped with own drilling machine –equipment, testing laboratory and also materials facilities accordingly.

  • Any hydrogeology and engineering –geological issues of relevant deposit which can be resolved in both while our research and otherwise it can save your precious time and upcoming expense.