Exploration drilling

Since 2008, our Company has been carrying out some drilling works for all types of mineral resources under high standards throughout Mongolia, using by HYDX-5A, HYDX-6A, Power-6000 and UGB -50а marks of drilling machines with diameters of BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ and DoublePQ and with core and crushed samples in depth up to 1.500m.
Moreover, we can provide you with more additional services depending on our client`s requirements as below.

  • To cut saw core samples
  • To equip with all required tools for further convenient conditions of drilling works in cold season
  • To provide with high quality core sample boxes
  • To offer a camp catering service

Our features and advantages:

  • We can completely perform any drilling works due to all types of drilling machines are provided respectively.

  • Mostly specialized in geology –drilling sector with high reputation

  • Due to we do have an adequate camp, workshop and moving laboratory, there is no reasonable issue or complicacy in regards with them to our corresponding clients.

  • Geological consulting service and professional supports

  • Our procurement materials are considered as the cheapest and trustworthy, because of we do deal with drilling equipment, supplies, auxiliary facilities and tools trade by ourselves.

  • Nowadays we are co- operating with some international Companies with the participation of our well experienced engineers and experts with Chinese, English and Russian fluently

  • We can offer a flexible and negotiable payment condition to you ( for ex: by barter, bonus for prompt payment etc)