Geological reconnaissance, exploration and mining operation

Nowadays we have been carrying out some comprehensive services in focusing on geological reconnaissance, prospecting assessment and also reserve calculation respectively throughout Mongolia. In terms of our treasured assets, we are really proud of our skilled team which consists of mining engineer, engineering manpower and also professional geologists with 1-40 years` working experiences at geology -mining sector of Mongolia.

Professionally consulting

Speaking of our consulting services, we do provide our clients such as special exploration and also mining license Owners of Mongolia with updated information about any prospective deposits in due time. Furthermore, some professional services are highly recommended to our corresponding partners in giving variety advices to them pertaining to geology –exploration method, analytical protocol and relevant legal environments accordingly.

To undertake exploration surveys and also to estimate mineral reserves

Generally said, we can arrange an appropriate research and exploration surveys within certain properties under request of our clients and then write up final report for these investigations from our end. Otherwise, we are offering a package service to our customers in submitting their reserve reports to the regular meeting arranged by Professional Committee of Mineral Resources of the Mineral Resources Authority for further confirmation; and also to register them into the State registration.

Feasibility Study

Basically, our qualified experts are professionally elaborating any feasibility studies due to evaluated economic prospects of certain deposit with a confirmed reserve; to prepare further mining operation and also to completely responsible for equipment selection, mining types –technology, mining opening –closure plans, environmental rehabilitation and market research as well.

Geological mapping

A variety scaled geological mapping works can be completed using by the advanced technologies under high quality in meeting with appropriate requirements. While our geological mappings, we are aiming to study the entire exploration fields and neighboring areas in both and to distinguish future prospects and relevant origins respectively, prior to some expensive reconnaissance works undertaken (drilling and mountain digging etc) within these properties. At present, our skilled team is able to systematically complete the well –organized exploration surveys with potential performances due to we obtained all required information about geological setting and original strata of those mineral resources in advance. As per our previous work experiences suggested that the volume of unproductive expenses may come up while some surveying projects if their operations are started without any mapping works undertaken.

Mining operation, sampling, analysis and record of performances

In general, our technical staffs are professionally executing some mountain digging, litho geochemical and other detailed samplings respectively within the range of research studies. Moreover, we are completely dealing with all sampling process in terms of the appropriate standard; and also then deliver them to the accredited laboratory as our corresponding partner for further analysis and finally we elaborate an assay report to our clients as well.

Borehole documentation

In short, borehole and shaft related information needs to be verified if any core and thumping drillings and also heavy exploring of mountain which are performed while exploration surveys. It also requires to accurately distinguish certain bodies and alteration of mineral resources for further proper documentation. Additionally said, we usually suggest our clients for the better way and potential methods in efficiently picking these probes up in the future.

To make a report/ plan for mining development works

We are professionally writing up your annual report and also planning for mining development works while operation and then submit those documents to the Mining Cadastre Division of Mineral Resources Authority on behalf of you, via online application or by papers respectively. Otherwise, our skilled team would promptly perform your requesting tasks in due time under high qualities and it means we can save your valued time and also upcoming expenses arisen up salaries for permanent employees (such as mining engineer, geodesic engineers and geologists etc) at mining sector in the future.