Soil research, and engineering –geological conclusion

Nowadays, our Company is considered as one of the few national Enterprises which has been specialized in exploration surveys of all types of mineral resources, construction geology, engineering –geology and also geotechnical studies throughout Mongolia. Speaking of our service advantages that our team is significantly experienced to perform any soil research and studies covering for the larger building and urban areas in connection with reconnaissance and relevant construction materials accordingly.

To complete soil research for construction

We are highly recommended that you should obtain a fundamental information related to the soil for construction, prior to illustrate your sketch in planning any development works for engineering building in further. In general, we are systematically executing our scheduled works by several phases such as soil drilling, field writing, sampling and analysis for soil samples, office works and also final reporting respectively. Additionally said, our professional team is able to perform any tasks in due time using by our potential equipment under high technologies.

Soil research for roadway, railway and electrical grids

Basically, engineering building is considered as the larger construction works with high importance that is essentially required more capital and duration in both, and it also passes among variety featured soil –sediments. Otherwise, it is absolutely required that the foot –soil must be stabilized and no dynamic movements due to these kinds of constructions would be existing for a long term for further new generation. For that reason, any soil research works should be accurately undertaken with high qualities and thus our priority goal is focused on “experience –capability, trustworthy -technology and responsible –evaluation” to our corresponding clients.

To conduct a mapping, soil drilling and analysis for flood protection dam, pool and concrete bridge

Generally said, engineering building is required to execute more additional surveys due to they must be water –resistant at any time. In the other words, hydrogeological surveys should be compulsory completed while engineering –geological studies within certain area. In addition, our skilled team is professionally performing these investigations for a short term on basis of our previous work experiences and updated database obtained from the larger hydrogeological projects up to date.

To make a partial or general plan for town and settled area

Based on our previous work experiences, we have been mostly specialized in implementing the larger projects which consists of town, settled area, mine camp, industrial district, stockpile and also dump as well.